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Technical Operator

Published on 22.01.2022


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Distribution, selling, wholesale
Food-processing industry
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Job Ad & Profile Description

Position : Technical Operator

Job Description

Job Title: Brewing Technician Operator

Level: Union

Reports To: Shift Brewer


The role involves working a twelve-hour shift; Working night shifts; Coordinating operations up and downstream, Quality team, Utilities team and Asset care team with its own set standards and critical metrics.

UBL operates in a liberalized and driven market. The consumer is now more discerning, and demands both quality and value for money.

The company seeks to perform all its activities in compliant ways that prevent environmental pollution and ensure the occupational health and safety of its employees, contractors, suppliers and visitors.



Ensure process and component wastes are below target; Implement duties under optimum cost.

Market Complexity

EABL takes on the challenge of contending with foreign brewers with good technology. To maintain a driven edge, it is EABL’s policy to brew and sell brands that exceed consumers’ expectation. This is done by benchmarking against the best.

The brewery has a mixture of modern and very old plant. The plant design is old. There are hard mains for wort and beer transfers. These present a challenge to the brewing team in terms of plant and product hygiene, Safety controlling losses and achieving quality.

The market demands a brand portfolio necessitating the production of several Stock Keeping Units. This builds complexity for the brewing team in terms handling the SKUs.

The company is facing competition from 1st world companies which produce high quality product with minimum human error. Costs incurred during beer production are growing and it is imperative that these costs are reduced and not pass the burden to the customers. Legal requirements are changing and the penalties for non conformance are very high, some of which include shutting down the brewery. Environmental laws regarding effluent disposal are changing and so is the environment itself. ISO and Diageo Ways of Brewing standards must be adhered to.

Partners Or Collaborators

  • Brewing Manager
  • Shift Brewer
  • Quality analysts
  • Brewing Asset Care team
  • Utilities Asset Care team

Purpose of Role

Brewing consists of sub sections (brew house, fermentation/ maturation, filtration and material handling).

The role requires one (at any one moment) to operate any of the brewing process as per manufacturers stated (standard) operating procedures to produce product that meets stated quality requirements as per the quality standards in a very safe manner, while ensuring high plant reliability, minimal process and component waste.

This is implemented with the support of a full time Shift Brewer, and proficient asset care and quality teams.


  • Accountable for Shift brewing output (OEEs, Quality, waste reduction and environment protection) in the area of deployment.
  • Accountable for usage of the inputs / raw materials and additives in brew house.
  • To consistently keep process records as the need arises by the quality management systems.
  • Ensure own safety and for any contractors working in the plant. Ensure compliance with safety requirements at the work environment, this is sought at achieving zero harm/injury.
  • Operates, Carries out daily Autonomous maintenance, scheduled preventive and corrective maintenance tasks to ensure targeted plant reliability of about 95%.
  • MMS as a key result for the work streams
Required profile for job ad : Technical Operator


Qualifications and Experience Required

  • Diploma in Electrical, Instrumentation or Mechanical Engineering and any other related field. Institute of brewing Qualifications are an added advantage.

Key Skills / Personal attributes

  • Engineering skills (mechanical /electrical/ instrumentation)
  • Operational system support skills as defined in the Capability matrix.
  • Manufacturing Excellence.
  • Time management.
  • Phenomenal teammate
  • Positive demeanor
  • Dedicated with minimal direction
  • Change agent


  • Training and mentor in Process control preferably in a Food/ beverage manufacturing industry.
Job criteria for job ad : Technical Operator
Job category :
IT, new technologies
Production, maintenance, quality
Industries :
Consumer goods
Distribution, selling, wholesale
Food-processing industry
Employment type :
Permanent contract
Region :
Bwizibwera - Entebbe - Gulu - Hoima - Jinja - Kampala - Kasese - Kira - Lira - Masaka - Mbale - Mbarara - Mukono - Nansana - Rest of Uganda
Experience level :
Less than 2 years
Educational level :
Number of Position(s) : 1

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