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HEED Children is a Christian organization based in Kassanda District at Kyakitanga village with its Head office at Yesu Akwagala, Seguku - Wakiso.

HEED Children Vision is: Help, Evangelize, Disciple, and Equip vulnerable children and their families so their communities will experience sustainable transformation and become restorers of places long devastated.

HEED Children Mission is:

To empower the community and its children toward sustainable spiritual and physical transformation.

  • Provide education and training to equip vulnerable children. Through schools and community centers, serve the educational, health, developmental and social needs of the children of the community.
  • Assist and empower the community to improve the physical quality of life of the general community. This will be accomplished through improved access to clean water and various economic and health training programs.
  • Equip and assist a local church to lovingly share the gospel of Jesus Christ with the children and community. Discipleship programs will develop moral and spiritual maturity resulting in restorers who are a reflection of Christ.


  • HEED will be characterized by love in all of our interactions with the children we reach through the ministry, one another and the community we serve. (“Remember to stop for the one…”)
  • HEED will help the community in a way that fosters a spirit of self-reliance and impresses individual responsibility and a dependence on God. (“Participation with provision…”)
  • HEED employees will communicate with one another and members of the community in an open, honest, sincere and frank manner.
  • HEED will be above reproach in financial, organizational, and all business dealings