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Agriculture, fishing, aquaculture
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Social, public and human services
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Xavier Project is an international NGO registered in Kenya, Uganda and the UK which specialises in building holistic partnerships with Refugee-Led Organisations (RLO) in refugee hosting areas. Xavier Project is a facilitator ensuring greater community ownership and self-reliance over humanitarian and development projects. We strengthen the RLOs’ capacity to design multi-year strategic plans to implement and manage pioneering community-led interventions which address core problems in their own communities. 

Xavier Project currently operates in six different locations across East Africa and has partnerships with eleven refugee-led organisations. Our work is informed by our overarching framework, the community enterprise cycle ( We support refugee-led organisations in accessing safe learning spaces, strengthening their professional capacity, establishing social enterprises and accessing resources to implement, sustain and scale-out their activities. Such refugee-led activities include vocational training, running education courses or providing psychosocial support to fellow community members among others. With our partners, we aim to improve relations between refugee and host communities, ensure refugees can lead fulfilled lives and to transform the humanitarian and development sectors towards more community-led responses.