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Supervisor/ Inspector of Civil Works
Kkatt consult Ltd
Since 09.2020
I am a sub consultant working as a Civil Engineering Inspector of works at the Isimba Hydropower plant project which is assumed to be the second biggest hydropower plant in Uganda. From my performance much earlier on the project, I was appointed for the supervision of the Visitors center building structure and supervision of the Snag works related to the civil engineering works. My roles are as stated below. Duties/Responsibilities: • Supervision of the Contractor’s Works and corresponding reporting of visitors centre. • Ensure that the Contractor adheres to the Technical Specifications at all times • Ensure that the Contractor complies to the contract Environmental Management plan and the Occupational health and Safety Plan • Ensure acceptable measures are maintained to ensure the safety of the contractor’s employees and the public • Ensure effective Construction Supervision and monitoring • Ensure availability on site for Supervision of works • Design reviews of both architectural and structural plans • Attending to site progress meetings and development of minutes • Material approvals for the visitors center
Site Engineer
Roko construction Ltd
07.2019 - 08.2020
As a site engineer directly supervised by a project manager, I supervised a construction project in Uganda breweries ltd, Kampala. The project involves the expansion of Uganda breweries in order to accommodate the increase in production of the brewery products. Under the construction works were demolitions in preparation of new structures, construction of new structures and reinforced concrete hard stands used for storage of beer crates. Duties/Responsibilities: • Supervision of the works • Collaborating with HSE officers in order to ensure good working methods and compliance of workers and us all on the safety measures. • Ensuring quality control of work as per specifications • Monitoring the progress of work and reporting there on to my project manager and operations manager. • Following up on materials orders and requisitions - Attending Site Progress meetings
Sub consultant/ Inspector of civil works
Kkatt consult Ltd
03.2018 - 07.2019
As a sub consultant of Arteria & Kkatt consult Ltd, I have been appointed by Uganda Electricity Generation Company Limited (UEGCL) the client of Isimba Hydro Power Plant project to provide consultancy services as part of the team of the Owner’s Engineer. Duties/Responsibilities: • Supervision of the Contractor’s Works and corresponding reporting • Ensured the required quality of work was in accordance to the employer’s requirement • Support to the Residents with site inspections of all civil works aspects • Preparation of measurements and verification of works • Ensure that the Contractor adheres to the Technical Specifications at all times • Ensure that the Contractor complies to the contract Environmental Management plan and the Occupational health and Safety Plan • Ensure acceptable measures are maintained to ensure the safety of the contractor’s employees and the public • Ensure effective Construction Supervision and monitoring • Ensure availability on site for Supervision of works • Attend to factory test Inspections and material testing when necessary
Technical Officer
Excel Construction Ltd
06.2016 - 06.2017
I supervised to completion and handover of both the refurbishment of a materials laboratory under the department of Mechanical Engineering and a fluids/hydraulics laboratory under the department of Civil Engineering at the college of Engineering Art Design and Technology at Makerere University. I supervised to completion and handover of the toxic chemical stores under the department of chemistry in the college of natural sciences at Makerere University. Improvement of the water proofing system of the flat roofs on the stores, removal and replacement of the splash aprons, drainage system, ventilation system and door replacements which were some of the tasks. Finishing work such as plastering and painting, construction of a retaining wall by stone pitching were also inclusive. I also managed the renovations and construction works of laboratories and offices at college of Veterinary Medicine and the construction of a screen house for the department of Botany.
Ministry of Works and housing
06.2015 - 05.2016
In respect to my previous role as a quality controller on one of the projects, I was able to acquire more practical knowledge and skills in materials testing and onsite surveys on roads and underground surfaces. Hence the laboratory deals with geotechnical field and laboratory investigations. Procedures that were used during the processes of testing and research were taken from established standard manuals such as the British Standards (BS), American Association of State Highway and Transport Officials (AASHTO) and American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM). Materials testing, quality control, geotechnical investigations, pavement condition surveys, structural evaluation of buildings and research are the facilities and services offered by the central materials and research laboratory. It also offers on job training for its staff and student trainees. Duties/Responsibilities • Ensure that tests are done to required precision and accuracy • Preparation of samples of materials to be tested in accordance to the standard manuals • Pavement condition surveys • Analysis of the results and reporting
Site supervisor
Kasirye Contractors
06.2012 - 09.2013
As a civil engineering trainee. I worked on residential building structures in the suburbs of Kampala. Duties/Responsibilities: • Monitor the progress of construction work • Ensure proper storage of material on site • Keep records of site activities and report there on to the site engineer • Ensure that structural work is done according to the structural drawings • Participate in preparation of work program and other activities on site
Civil engineering Site Supervisor
BLD 4 US General Contracting
08.2005 - 12.2009
As a project coordinator of three commercial buildings of ground floor, Mezzanine level and 6 additional floors (G+M+6) on plots No.71, 72, 76, in Abu Dhabi business Centre I liaised with the site Engineers of the respective commercial facilities to ensure construction compliance with the contractual documents. Construction funding was facilitated by Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank. Some of the work included site clearance, excavations for raft foundations, soil stabilization, dewatering and then construction of works to completion. I also worked as a quality controller/quantity surveyor during the construction of G+M+1floors of the Elderly Rehabilitation Center in Al-Safa, Dubai. It was the first hospital of the kind in Dubai. It was a great opportunity for me to having been a part of the construction team on this particular project. As a quality controller, I ensured testing of materials prior to approval for use. Precision and accuracy were also key in this case. Site surveys, site clearance, dewatering, excavation for the pad foundation and the construction to completion of the hospital. Stabilization of the ground was reinforced by use of short stone columns in order to acquire the designed bearing capacity.
Computer literacy/IT • Good knowledge and competency of Microsoft office suit (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), and Auto Cad Communication skills • Outstanding communication skills both orally and written which have been demonstrated through report writing such as research projects, presentations by use of power point and interaction with clients and colleagues. Team work • Confident and able to establish and maintain good working relationships with colleagues • Ability to work with a multi-cultural team in order to achieve required goals in time • Strong interpersonal skills
Education . Master
Masters Degree in Construction Management
Makerere University
Since 08.2019
Masters in construction Management is a two year course having several course units search as Principals of quantity surveying, Advanced engineering mathematics, construction economics, site management, construction law, environmental studies to mention but a few. It also involves report writing and presentation of research or project work for Plan A and Plan B respectively. I opted for plan B where I wrote about a project that I was supervising as a consultant. the project title is Construction supervision and design review of the Visitors Centre at the Isimba Hydropower project.
Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering
Makerere University
09.2011 - 05.2016
The Bachelors degree in civil engineering is a four year course and it is made of several course units and finally student under take research work in different engineering fields as part of the requirement to accomplish the degree program. I undertook my research in the field of construction management and my research was about Assessing the supply chain management of construction materials on high rise buildings in Uganda, a case study done in Kampala.
Higher diploma in Civil and Building Engineering
Kyambogo University
09.2001 - 05.2005
It is a two year course undertaken after completion of an ordinary diploma in civil engineering disciplines.
Ordinary Diploma in Civil and Building Engineering
Kyambogo University
09.1998 - 05.2001
It is a two year Course that involves training students in construction and civil engineering fields
High school training
Jinja Senior Secondary School
02.1996 - 03.1998
High school is two years duration and it is the level at which student undertake subjects that majorly predetermine there course choices at higher learning levels.
O level
Iganga Secondary school
02.1990 - 11.1993
O level is the first section of secondary school and its duration is four years
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